Schedule Up!

Schedule Up! is a mobile app created to simplify the process of managing client appointments and to streamline client communication. The app provides ways of managing appointments for one or more employees so is suitable for both companies and individuals.

Also, Schedule Up! allows individuals who work for multiple companies to keep track of the client appointments made within each company.

Download the Android version here to enjoy the automatic message transmission functionality.


Appointment planning

Schedule Up! stores client appointments in the cloud in a secure way and makes them available from any device, at any time, using your Facebook, Google or email account for authentication. For each client appointment the app displays the payments made, the amount paid in advance or the amount due for the services provided within that appointment.

Client management

The contact information of your clients will be stored by the app as well, so that you can keep client records separate from your personal phonebook. In addition to managing the contact information and the appointments of your clients, Schedule Up! maintains an appointment history for each client so that you can offer your clients the best services.

Client communications

Schedule Up! streamlines the communication process with your clients by generating SMS messages to confirm or cancel appointments so you don't waste time due to clients missing their appointments and maximize your profits.

Employee management

Schedule Up! provides support for companies by allowing company owners to invite multiple employees to create appointments in their company. For each employee, Schedule Up! calculates and displays the daily income generated from the services they provided during the client appointments.